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SAPERION Content Repository

SAPERION Content Repository

If reducing data islands is a priority at your company, SAPERION Content Repository and its standardized interface have the technology you need to achieve your goal.

Opportunities for integration into existing enterprise applications

JCR (Java Content Repository) is a mature standard for a content repository API. You can use it to dock your applications on a cutting-edge Enterprise Content Management system. Then you will benefit from the flexible JCR data model and a non-revisable archive simultaneously.

In addition to critical functions associated with a relational database and a hierarchically-organized file system, you will also take advantage of other useful functions for administering content.

Forward-looking standards keep your investment secure

SAPERION Content Repository will help your organization stay on the cutting edge and take advantage of application-independent access rights and refined versioning tools. You will also have an effective way to implement your regulations pertaining to retention and destruction of data.

SAPERION Content Repository


SAPERION Content Repository supports international standards like JCR, RMI and Web Services.


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SAPERION's ECM edition is the right solution for all quality-minded and cost-driven companies interested in Enterprise Content Management.


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